Pohjola - Finnish gothic compilation

Pohjola – Northland – Pohjoland is a mythical place from the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Pohjola - a foreboding cold land far in the north. What better name could describe our first Finnish gothic compilation?

In Finland the gothic and industrial scenes are tied together. On dancefloors, EBM and gothic are played side by side. Same thing is seen also in our band scene: it has great variety from dark ambient to industrial, from goth rock to EBM. This compilation presents a comprehensive overview of currently active Finnish scene.

This is the present and future of Finnish scene… More will follow, hope you enjoy it!

Pohjola - Finnish Gothic Compilation

01 Chaos research - Morgaine
02 Silene - You
03 Two witches - Another face (another version)
04 Wreckdance - Evil beyond evil
05 Murnau's Playhouse - Myopia
06 Dreamtime - The Broken Cross
07 Systems Of Romance - The House Of Vlad (No Peace Mix)
08 Rauschenmaschine - Nebulous Spirograph (Atmosmix)
09 Bodykomplex - Teinihelvetti
10 Flux Fin - Let Your Body Roll
11 Beati mortui - Dominance
12 Erilaz - 440Hz Sacrifice
13 Kuroshio - Godspeed
14 Machine park - Puppet master
15 Plastic bitch - Seinäjoki
16 The red queens race - Choice

You can order the album by sending an email to us at clubbellamorte@gmail.com and we send you payment instrucions. The album costs 5 € and shipping is 2 € for anywhere in world!